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i'm tough AND cute [02 Aug 2005|10:58pm]

[ mood | calm ]

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2 oh yess - ♥are you tough?♥

[12 Nov 2004|07:25am]


I WAS ARAFAT!!(*^#@$
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APPLICATION! [18 Sep 2004|02:03pm]

+brief bio including: name, location, age, few bands, hobbies, and what makes you tough_but_cute :)

My name is Yassie. I like in Ramallah, Palestine. I'm currently at the sexy age of 75.

I <3 :

Dixie Chicks
Smashing Pumpkins
The Corrs
Guns N' Roses

I enjoy a hot jacuzzi with women inside. I like riding my camel in a windswept desert, while exploring what's behind that next sandy hill. I like karaoke nights, praying towards Mecca, shopping, teaching the facts of life, and your regular run-of-the-mill hobbies.

I'm tough because my expression on my face expresses the rough life I have lived. I'm cute because women all want to have my children.

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♥are you tough?♥

[04 Feb 2004|05:14pm]

Sorry if this isn't allowed. Feel free to delete it. I didn't see anything about promoting in the userinfo. I don't mind if you promote this community in mine.

[22 Jan 2004|11:13pm]
I'm outta here, sorry... This is not active.
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applying [02 Jan 2004|04:36pm]

[ mood | horny ]

Name: Sera
Age: 21
Location: Iowa
Fave. Bands: Alkaline Trio, Comeback Kid, Distillers, Every Time I Die, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, xDisciplex AD, Evergreen Terrace
What Makes Me Tough_But_Cute: I hardcore dance. I cried once last year. ive never cried over a movie/book/song. but I love my family sooo much.
title or description
title or description
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4 oh yess - ♥are you tough?♥

[31 Dec 2003|01:43am]

Happy new years eve <3Collapse )
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New (X-posted) [25 Dec 2003|06:56pm]

Hey! My name is Mandy. I'm 15 and a sophomore. I love to play sports, especially softball. I listen to almost every type of music. well..
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♥are you tough?♥

[24 Dec 2003|01:59pm]

uhm, i got a comment telling me to join. so here.
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Stamped* [24 Dec 2003|10:42am]

Merry Christmas Eve

♥are you tough?♥

Applying [23 Dec 2003|05:18pm]

Name: Amber
Age: 18
Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Fave. Bands: Motley Crue, Guns N' Roses, Tenacious D, AFI, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Alice in Chains, The Darkness
What Makes Me Tough_But_Cute: Sometimes I feel like I put up a wall where I have a "Don't Trust Anybody" policy, which makes alot of people think I'm tough, but the truth is I'd do anything for my friends. Including beating up people who beat on them. I may act or look like a rock, but I am really soft inside.
i left here in darkness and found you on the wayCollapse )
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new [22 Dec 2003|11:23am]

Name: Jade
Age: 14
Location: Michigan
Fav. Bands: The Used, The Juliana Theory, Jimmy Eat World, Nirvana, Coldplay etc....
Least Fav. Bands: Nsync, U2, Backstreet Boys, Dreamstreet, New Found Glory, etc....
Hobbies: Playing Vball, Cheerleading, Singing, Hanging out with friends
Things im in: Jv Volleyball, Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Cheerleading, Drama, Jazz, and Piano
Tough but Cute: i dont stand for shit.. i play volleyball pretty hard.. kick some guys ass, but then i can be sweet and cheerlead and just hav a good time

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3 oh yess - ♥are you tough?♥

[09 Dec 2003|12:03am]
we need more people
♥are you tough?♥

[05 Dec 2003|02:50pm]

This community is dead. I'm leaving, it's been fun. Feel free to delete this post, but I'm just letting you guys know.
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NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [03 Jan 2004|12:49pm]

[ mood | amused ]

HEy everyone.
My name is Jill. Im 17. Im from Seattle.
I love the bands the Misfits, The DIstillers and The Clash. And i like the artist Rufus WAinwright, Buddy Holly and Billie Holiday.
I consider myself tough cause i dont let peopel get to me, but im not afraid to get to other people!

HEre are a few pics...
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there you go kids....

2 oh yess - ♥are you tough?♥

NEW! :) [02 Dec 2003|11:20pm]
Name: Beth
Location: New Jersey but I attend to a college at Gallaudet University in Washington DC :-P
Age: 19
Few Bands: to be honest with you guys.. i'm not interested in bands because I can't hear (deaf) :-P but.. i luv clubs.. dancing to the beats :-P
Hobbies: What can i say? I'm a surfer and loving it! :) I also like to snowboard...
What makes me tough but cute: I grew up being deaf in this world.. I went through many insults but... I just ingored them... one time at middle school or something.. I just know that they (the boys) think i'm cute (winks) but they're too afraid to admit it so.. they just insult me to cover their *feelings*. now that I am older and I realized many things. I am so in love with a guy who also is deaf. :-P
I'm also a surfer and i think that is tough because there are scary things in the ocean such as sharks, etc. :) I love wearing cute bathingsuits while surfing. haha. I'm sure we all do luv cute bathingsuits.

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6 oh yess - ♥are you tough?♥

Application [02 Dec 2003|07:14pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey my names Maria, im 18 and i was born in georgia but now i live in queens new york, but the city is my passion, im almost always there, i love photography especially black and white photos, i attend st. johns university where i am a sister of sigma chi zeta sorority, i dont have a boyfriend but i did for a long time, im really into punk/emo music, but occasionally i will listen to that happy go luck stuff on the radio, i love going to bars and shows, currently my favorite band is armor for sleep, and i like comedy movies :)

what makes me tough but cute? well for one thing im alot stronger then i look, its hard to break me, my pledge name from my sorority is SHE-RA (from HE-MAN) need i say more lol
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1 oh yes - ♥are you tough?♥

n00b. [30 Nov 2003|09:26pm]

I joined this community a couple hours ago and I'm just now posting my application. I'm a lazy fuck, I tell ya.

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9 oh yess - ♥are you tough?♥

If i could move, surely it would only be to fall. [30 Nov 2003|05:12pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey I found this community by the other community that I am in Are_you_cute said it needed some members so i'm gunna try

What makes me tough but cute is because I like to make people laugh, even if it's been the worst day.

Well, my names Brooke, I live in Miami Fl, i'm 14, hobbies of mine are basically sitting on the computer or hanging with some friends, intresting huh? well yeah some favorite bands are thursday , fall out boy, TBS, SOCO & unsung zeros more but currently thats all the ones I can think about.

And every time I think I finally made I learn I'm farther away then I have ever been before ♥Collapse )

1 oh yes - ♥are you tough?♥

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