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If i could move, surely it would only be to fall.

Hey I found this community by the other community that I am in Are_you_cute said it needed some members so i'm gunna try

What makes me tough but cute is because I like to make people laugh, even if it's been the worst day.

Well, my names Brooke, I live in Miami Fl, i'm 14, hobbies of mine are basically sitting on the computer or hanging with some friends, intresting huh? well yeah some favorite bands are thursday , fall out boy, TBS, SOCO & unsung zeros more but currently thats all the ones I can think about.

Pics my friend took at her house ♥ damn picture trail for making them look blurry.

At a party; we were under a green light, thought it would look cool, kinda was.

At my dads

At school sometime agoo dont mind the hair or the face, we were suppose to be looking dumb.
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