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Hey my names Maria, im 18 and i was born in georgia but now i live in queens new york, but the city is my passion, im almost always there, i love photography especially black and white photos, i attend st. johns university where i am a sister of sigma chi zeta sorority, i dont have a boyfriend but i did for a long time, im really into punk/emo music, but occasionally i will listen to that happy go luck stuff on the radio, i love going to bars and shows, currently my favorite band is armor for sleep, and i like comedy movies :)

what makes me tough but cute? well for one thing im alot stronger then i look, its hard to break me, my pledge name from my sorority is SHE-RA (from HE-MAN) need i say more lol

>>this was my halloween costume for this year =D

>>i <3 pigtails

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