moelza (moelza) wrote in tough_but_cute,

NEW! :)

Name: Beth
Location: New Jersey but I attend to a college at Gallaudet University in Washington DC :-P
Age: 19
Few Bands: to be honest with you guys.. i'm not interested in bands because I can't hear (deaf) :-P but.. i luv clubs.. dancing to the beats :-P
Hobbies: What can i say? I'm a surfer and loving it! :) I also like to snowboard...
What makes me tough but cute: I grew up being deaf in this world.. I went through many insults but... I just ingored them... one time at middle school or something.. I just know that they (the boys) think i'm cute (winks) but they're too afraid to admit it so.. they just insult me to cover their *feelings*. now that I am older and I realized many things. I am so in love with a guy who also is deaf. :-P
I'm also a surfer and i think that is tough because there are scary things in the ocean such as sharks, etc. :) I love wearing cute bathingsuits while surfing. haha. I'm sure we all do luv cute bathingsuits.

Me w/ a friend :)
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